Hi ! this is Ankush Sharma. I am a final year student at IIT-BHU, Varanasi. Based on popularity people know me as


I am a big hollywood fan musical_note, can write Python anytime for anything and always afraid to boot my Windows back from the hard disk; coz I’m in love with Linux.

I mostly use Python and JavaScript for my work. Sometimes, I like to dabble with C and C++ too. I used to work on random things but mostly related to web, you can follow some of my work on GitHub. If you like my work or want to know more about it you can send me a mail. I am reasonably nice !

I have spoken at multiple conferences and sessions at my college and other places. The best I can think of is my talk at PyCon India, 2014.

Follow your dreams

I always chase my dreams in search for the mysterious dead end where I can stop but I can’t find one as I am a human :D . Never give up because you can control the outcome of your life.