The Mailman journey for GSoC'15

The race for getting a GSoC project has started yet again. Tomorrow, will be the proposal submission deadline. I have also submitted a proposal for porting the mailman.client to JavaScript.

For me, GSoC is the reason of starting programming. I have been living for a dream of grabbing a GSoC project for the past 2 years. I hope this time I get one.

I started contributing to Mailman a month ago. Till now I have found 4 bugs in mailman and have patched all of them; of which two contributions have been merged to the main trunks. Rather being localised I have contributed to almost all members of the Mailman suite except Hyperkitty, though I would like to contribute to it someday.
Coming back to the proposal, I am pretty sure of making to Mailman because I have done a lot of research on the project topic for a couple of weeks and have already started by writing a Proof of Concept for the project. My till date contributions can be seen here.

Hope ! black-perl would make this time.